Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Toe Biter

What can I say? Some kids suck their thumbs. Others bite their nails. My kid munches his toes on occasion. His sisters found this so amusing that they tried out their own toes. I'll save them the embrassment of posting those photos.

Kevin is actually fascinated with all body parts and loves to name them. He knows quite a few, but still gets mixed up on the difference between elbow, wrist, and shoulder sometimes. I'm just impressed that he can tell that "arm" means the whole thing and not just one little part, and that "leg" means the whole thing, too. Yesterday I pointed to my hair while saying, "hair" and he said, "No, head."

His new favorite activity is walking around the house and asking, "What dis?" We always try to answer him. He'll repeat the word and then move on to asking about other objects. He's just an amazing little boy.