Thursday, November 15, 2007

Feeding Himself

Kevin is learning to eat with utensils. He'll let us feed him a few bites but mostly wants to take over and do it himself. It's quite a messy process. We are now giving him between one and two baths a day and several wipe downs with wash cloths and wet wipes.

He's also been picking out his own clothes. He'll open the drawer and pull out the outfit he wants to wear. He even throws the dirty clothes in the hamper. Today he discovered the joy of undressing himself. He walked into the kitchen and yanked his shirt over his head. Then he toddled off to his room and came back with a new shirt that he demanded I put on him.

Tonight he stripped completely and headed over to Daniel for a diaper change. I guess he was letting us know that he was saggin' and he didn't like it. He definitely gave us a look as he grabbed a clean diaper and brought it to Daniel. He thinks he rules this place. He understands the word "No" just fine when he uses it, but not when we use it. Instead he will cry and march right back over to the thing I just told him not to touch...for instance, my printer, my scrapbook tools, my pictures, my camera, my dinner...

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