Friday, November 02, 2007

The Costumes

Danya was a scientist this year because she wanted to be something that no other kids would be. She had so much fun choosing a pair of "scientist glasses". We settled on thick black sunglasses, and then popped the lenses out.

Gloria was a pajama girl. Besides wearing her first ever pair of "feety pajamas" she also carried a teddy bear and used a back pack for holding her Halloween candy. She said the backpack made it look like she was going to a sleepover party.

Kevin was originally supposed to be a football player. When Daniel let him try on Gloria's old Care Bear costume, though, we couldn't get him out of it. He loved it! He went around the house growling at us and we would all act scared. Then he'd laugh his head off and do it again. It was a good warm costume.

Latte wore Danya's old Cinderella costume. She looked beautiful, and surprisingly we didn't see any other Cinderella's while we were out trick or treating. We did see a Snow White and a Sleeping Beauty.