Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spreading Infection

What's that term for the very first person to carry an infectious disease? "Patient Zero" or something like that? This past week it was my niece, Shalom, who showed up sick at Thanksgiving. She felt terrible and was running a fever. Then our girls came down with it. Their cousin Meridian was sick by Saturday and didn't go to church the next day.

Today Aunt Christina called and said that her son has it, too. Daniel just got back from taking the kids to the doctor and it's official: strep throat. So I'm guessing that all the kids that our kids were in contact with last week will be passing it around this week. Our girls have to be on antibiotics for 24 hours before being around anyone else, so if they take their meds right now they should be okay to go to AWANAs tomorrow night.

The bigger question is whether or not Daniel and I will come down with it, too. Because then I could wipe out the entire praise band tomorrow night at practice just in time for next week's concert. And if some of them spread it to the choir... I guess depending on how we're feeling tomorrow we'll decide if we should skip church tomorrow night.

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