Friday, November 02, 2007

The Candy

All the kids had so much fun trick or treating last night! Danya, Gloria, and Latte practically ran from one house to the next. They all took turns ringing the doorbell. We had to explain to Latte why it's rude to push the bell 4 or 5 times in a row. Kevin wanted to get out of the wagon at every house, walk up the door, and say, "Hi!" and "Bye-bye!" It was cold out, but not too bad. We all had runny noses by the time we got back home. We made Latte wear an extra jacket on top of the one in this picture.

At a few houses the person with the candy would just hold it out and let each kid grab a couple pieces. Kevin and Latte didn't really get this concept. They thought they were being offered as much as they could grab. Kevin wanted to drop each individual piece into his bag with a line of kids backing up behind him.

The hardest part was bedtime. The kids were all wired on candy. There were still kids outside going up and down the street trick or treating. Lots of parents were driving their kids from door to door, so their car lights were shining into Latte's room. And I think Latte realized that she wasn't going back to her former home. She threw a royal fit for the first time ever with us. More than just her normal "testing". We spent hours going round and round until she finally passed out. It was really crazy since she kept waking up Kevin.

Then Danya got out of bed to tell me I'd forgotten to give her last dose of eye drops for the night. Daniel's phone freaked out so I couldn't call him and I couldn't figure out where he put the eye drops. I finally called Latte's former foster mom and asked for advice. She said that every night she takes Latte outside and shows her the moon so that she knows it's bedtime. I tried that, but unfortunately there was no moon. It's amazing how freaked out a 3 year old can get when the moon no longer exists. Honestly, I figure if I could make it through that, plus the potty training issues of the whole next day (trust me, you don't want to know), I should be able to handle anything.

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