Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stocking the Pantry

This morning we drove to Brighton to see what our first ever shipment from the Food Bank would contain. Daniel helped unload the truck while the kids ran around and I took pictures. We had to park in a long line of cars to get the food. Some of the items were wrong, missing, or expired. Overall, though, we got a TON of food that will hopefully help our grocery bill over time. Here's what we got:
Power Aide -- a case of 20 oz. bottles
Hamburger Helper Mix -- one case
Peaches -- one case of 20 oz. cans
Spaghetti Sauce -- one case of 25 oz jars
Spaghetti -- one case
Animal Crackers -- a huge box, individually wrapped
Cookies -- another huge box
Pretzels -- once case
Biscuit Dough -- one case, individually wrapped
Bean & Bacon Soup -- two cases of 19 oz cans
Whole Wheat Bread -- one loaf for free!
Light Yogurt -- one case

There was also supposed to be frozen french fries, but they didn't make it onto the truck. So that will be credited towards next month's purchase. Sandy, the lady in charge of purchasing, says that there is usually something free like bananas or potatos. This month it was bread. Also, yogurt for some reason was sent, probably instead of the missing fries. Oh, and today I called to make an appointment to get Latte's WIC paperwork transferred over to us here. Next month we should start getting free milk, eggs, cheese, juice, etc. I'm thinking we may eventually lower our food bill to half of what it is now. Currently when we eat at home our meals cost about $6 to feed everyone. I'd like to get that down to under $4 per meal. When you can eat that cheap it makes eating out feel ridiculous.

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