Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Carols

This year I brought my trombone with me to practice while we were visiting family. Besides my Christmas concert music I also brought a book full of Christmas carols for trombone that my fellow tbone player gave me about a month ago.

Thanksgiving night I pulled it all out and played along with the CD while the kids gathered around and sang. The music had the words to the carols on it. This is the music I use for sight reading practice, so I wasn't exactly all that great, but we all had fun anyway.

The kids were singing and some were dancing. Even Aunt Robin got up and danced with Danya! What was really truly shocking, though, was when Judah, my very cool and aloof almost-13-year-old nephew, decided to join in to sing Silent Night. That was our final song of the evening, and it was perfect.

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