Friday, November 02, 2007

Hang Loose!

Danya's tooth was hanging by a thread on Halloween night. I was so glad that it held on long enough to take pictures. It added a funny touch to her costume. Her tooth fell out yesterday. She was so excited! The tooth fairy almost forgot to visit and didn't remember to swap out her tooth for two quarters until almost midnight last night. Now, my girls know all about the "tooth fairy" but we like to pretend anyway. We handle Santa Clause the same way. The only one we don't do is the Easter Bunny.

Yesterday our plans to go play at McDonald's play land with friends got cancelled at the last minute, so Daniel took the kids to the park instead. We also finally received the reimbursement check for the two carseats we purchased for Curly Top and The King a few weeks ago. I excitedly went to the bank to cash it only to discover that our bank had charged us about $150 in overdraft fees. We'd carefully checked our account online on Monday, but apparently, although it listed all our purchases, it didn't actually deduct them from our available balance until Monday at midnight. So we were fooled into believing we had a few bucks left. Every $3 purchase cost us $33 in overdraft fees. Don't you love how banks "protect us" like that? So we are paying our "stupid tax" as Dave Ramsey calls it and going back to paying for everything in cash instead of using our check card.


Anonymous said...

Our bank has overdraft protection and it's a one time $10 fee for taking the money we overspent for the day from our savings account. I still hate the "stupid tax" but it's a whole lot better than yours.


Jess said...

Well, which bank do you use? We want to switch!