Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our Own Children's Church

When we all arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's church on Sunday morning we filled up the left side of the church. It was like we'd brought our own mobile children's church. Glenda said when she saw us over there she decided to keep her kids on the opposite side of the room to avoid adding to the chaos already in progress.

There were 12 kids in our group, so adding Glenda's 5 would have increased the number by almost half! Thankfully, the kids were only expected to participate during praise and worship. During the actual sermon the kids went off to Sunday school classes. While we were singing there was one song where everyone sings, "La la la la" for the chorus over and over. When we finished that song Kevin started making the "again" sign and saying, "La la la la" Then he went up and down the aisle dancing, bobbing his head, and stomping on the floor vents.

Sitting next to Christina, Daniel and I felt like we were back in youth group again. The assistant pastor who was giving the sermon was our former youth group leader and he made a comment about seeing us all back again, too. It was too bad that Ben and Steven couldn't have been there. Steven is in Washington getting ready to be deployed. Ben and his family left for home Saturday morning so that he could get back in time to help out at his church in Del Rio, TX. But Glenda and Robin, who were also in the youth group were both there, so there were quite a few of us.

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christina said...

i love this picture! i would really like it if you could email me that pic thanks!!