Friday, November 02, 2007

Fall all Over

This week for homeschool I cut out 3 little pumpkins and wrote art projects on the back of them. I hung them on the wall and each day after we get finished with our work the girls' get to choose a pumpkin. The one we did yesterday was "leaf" hand paintings. Their hands are supposed to look like leaves. They literally got this project all over them. We washed hands between each color of paint, but it was still pretty messy. All 3 girls enjoyed stamping their hands onto the paper.

For Gloria, it was a good motivator to finish writing her letter to Uncle Ben. As part of our Grammar work yesterday, each of the girls had to write three question sentences and three statements. So I had them write a letter and ask the person they were writing to three questions and tell them three things about themselves. For Danya this is sort of review, but she enjoys participating in whatever Gloria is doing. That's why even though Gloria is the one studying the human body this year, Danya got to make a skeleton, too. Latte keeps seeing all the projects we've already done and getting upset that she doesn't have one. I'm hoping that she'll want to keep joining in for all the other projects and school work Danya and Gloria are doing.

We won't start "official" preschool with Latte until next Spring, but that doesn't mean she can't learn anything right now. She's already amazing me with how much she knows. I tried to give her a picture of shapes to color yesterday and she yelled, "No triangles!" Then I was going to talk to her about colors, but while she was yelling about which book she wanted to look at I realized she was saying the color of each book. I guess I'll spend the next few months figuring out how much she already knows so that we can start at the right level for her. On the right is a photo of her leaf hand painting.


Shannon said...

so is latto living with you now

Shannon said...

can you fix my blog i don't know what wrong. thank

She Who Waits... said...

At some point will you be able to refer to Latte by her given name and will you be able to show her picture?

Jess said...

When we have legally adopted her we can do whatever we want because she will be ours. For now, we'd have to have parental permission to share her photo and name. Also, it would be bad because if her name was on our blog then her family could search the internet to find her. That would create all kinds of legal problems and potential dangers for a foster child.

If you google my kids' names you could find my blog. And then you could probably find where we live and go to church. I take a risk putting my family info out there, but I'm not legally allowed to take that risk with a foster child.

She Who Waits... said...

Thanks for answering my questions Jess : ) I can see why her annonimity would be crucial. I will pray that all goes smoothly with her transition into your family and her adoption process. May the Lord bless your family.