Thursday, November 08, 2007

Busy Days

We are in the middle of a crazy mini-building project. We're using it as a homeschool activity. Daniel and the girls are building a pantry in our coat closet. We had been storing food in there already on a small shelving unit, but now they are building great big wall to wall shelves!

We need to get it done quickly. Tomorrow Latte's CASA worker is coming out to see our house and check on Latte. We can't have our coffee table covered in food! We also need it done because Tuesday of next week we will be picking up our first monthly order from the food bank we are participating in. There should be between 10 and 14 big boxes full of food that we will need to store somewhere.

This week has already been crazy. Last night Daniel and I got our new AWANA leader shirts and badges and got to go up on stage to receive our certificates for passing the basic training test. Our friend, Deanna is really sweating the test, but it's not bad. Tonight Daniel is joining a class for men only at the pastor's house where he will be trained to read, understand, and teach God's word in depth. Meanwhile I have to figure out what we give Daniel for his birthday next week that doesn't cost anything. I'm hoping we can just have a night of video games and maybe play RISK (the boardgame) after the kids are in bed. That's what we did for our first Valentine's Day together 11 years ago. He loves that game.

I also took Latte to the doctor today for myriad reasons. The doctor says she's doing great and that she's very tall for her age, but she is no longer off the charts on weight. Now she is just on the high end of normal for her height. It's got to be all this healthy food we've been eating since we can't afford to eat out right now.


christina said...

so did you get your closet done! i would love to see a picture when you get time.

Jess said...

Daniel and the kids are working on it right now. I've been taking pictures. We didn't get it done in time for the CASA's visit, but we had it tidied up so it didn't look bad. She understood we are in the middle of a project, but we are keeping the work area safe.

Good thing we got the house clean, since she inspected every single room!

Steve and Brandy's Adventure said...

Hi, I found your blog on the foster care forum and thought I would check it out. We just got our first placement last week and I am looking for all the support groups and things that I can! Looks like you have a great family! I hope you don't mind me checking out your blog...