Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sore Teeth & Runny Noses

The past several days have been crazy. Saturday we called the Children's Hospital because Latte's teeth seemed to be hurting her so badly that she would cry when she tried to eat or drink anything. They basically said they couldn't help us until Monday.

Then on Sunday we mentioned the problem during prayer requests in our Sunday school class and one of our friends told us later that Latte had eaten cookies and water with no problems at snack time. It was a mystery. Why did her teeth only hurt some of the time?

Meanwhile Kevin is teething, so he's fussy, cranky, and clingy. On top of that, Latte, Kevin, and I all had a bad cold this past week. We took Latte to the doctor on Thursday so she could sign paperwork to let us give Latte over the counter medicines and to write a prescription for pull-ups. Apparently Medicaid will pay for pull-ups delivered in one day by UPS if your doctor prescribes it.

Monday we took Latte to the Children's Hospital dental clinic where they took x-rays of her teeth only to discover that the problem was not her teeth. She has a huge ulcer on her gums inside her mouth. So acidic foods or drinks were what was causing her pain. For the next week to ten days she can't have tomato sauce, o.j., or anything along those lines. We also have to be careful not to brush her gums when we brush her teeth. I'm just so glad she's eating again and her cold is clearing up....and so is mine!

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Glenda said...

That is interesting getting a doctor's order for pull ups. It is amazing the red tape you can go through.