Friday, November 30, 2007

Old Game, New Fun

We finally finished our first Story of the World book. We learned about the last Roman emperor who was only 6 years old. We went through the work book choosing our last few activities and maps to work on. We've got one final "test/review" map to do which is completely blank. They'll label all the continents we've discussed and the various countries around the mediterranean sea.

As a last fun activity about the Romans, I took the girls outside and showed them how to play an ancient Roman game. It was one of the activities in the workbook. I had Gloria lay on the ground with her arms and legs splayed as far as she could reach. Then we drew a circle around her and a second circle around that one. You can see I didn't get it perfect, but it worked for the purpose of the game. They had to bounce the ball into the center circle and try not to let the other person catch it. There are some other rules, but that's the basic idea. They both loved it and each of them won one game. Finally we can move on to Volume 2: The Middle Ages!

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