Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gloria's New Friend

Gloria informed us tonight that Hannah is her favorite friend in her AWANA Sparks group. She's a 1st grader who is a year older than Gloria. They both have the same silly goofy personality. Hannah has trouble seeing, so Gloria stays close to her during game time to help her out. Then Hannah waits for Gloria before going back upstairs after the bathroom and drink break.
The only time they have a little trouble is during Green Meadow time at the end of the night because they tend to whisper and talk when they should be quiet and listen to the lesson. I met Hannah's mom tonight and we agreed to arrange a play date soon for the girls. Hannah was ecstatic and so was Gloria later tonight when I told her about it. So far we haven't managed to find a friend who is available very often for Gloria to visit outside of church, so I hope this works out for her.

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