Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sunday Insanity

Saturday night Daniel worked and then pulled a double into Sunday. That means that I had to ask our babysitter Sarah (in this photo on the left) to come stay the night with us so that I could drive Daniel to work Saturday night. That way we had the van the next morning so we could get to church.

So I got up at about 5 am, got everyone up, dressed, and out the door by 7 am, so that I could make it to band practice by 7:30. Then I played trombone for both services while running back and forth helping Sarah get the kids to their classes and taking them for potty breaks. Unfortunately Latte didn't make it and we had to borrow a pullup from the 2 year old class because I forgot to bring an extra. I've got 300 of those things at home and didn't manage to bring even ONE!

After church we were driving to Broomfield to have lunch with Daniel at his work and I got a bit lost and missed my turn a couple of times. Then, finally some good news, Daniel got off work early and was able to leave at lunch time. So we (turned off our brains) and decided to take all the kids out to eat because we received a reimbursement check from the county. Latte learned all kinds of new rules about restaurant eating like: 1. We don't crawl around on the floor under the table, and 2. We don't burst into tears because we don't like the drink that we got.

So then we rushed home, dropped off the kids and Sarah, and drove back to church just in time for 3:30pm Christmas Concert rehearsal. Daniel took a nap in the van while I practiced. Afterwords we went to Fazoli's, just the two of us, for a belated birthday dinner for Daniel. Then we swung into Big Lots for a little Christmas shopping and to get a "Big Girl Surprise" for Latte who is doing well filling up her potty chart with stickers. Finally, Daniel drove Sarah home and we all collapsed at the end of a long crazy day. I'm tired just talking about it!


Dreama's Thoughts said...

I'm tired reading it!! LOL I love ready your blogs!

She Who Waits... said...

I may not always agree with you Jess (I'm pro-homeschooling and homeschooled my son and I'm pro-public at the right school and now he's in public) but I am really so blessed to read about you and your family on your blog. You are a devoted mother and a dedicated wife and I know the Lord is blessing you and your family tremendously.