Friday, November 02, 2007

Homeschool at the Doc's Office

On Tuesday we took Danya to the doctor because she developed pink eye. In the van on the way there and in the waiting room at the doctor's office we worked on homeschool. We've been playing catch up a little because I had hoped to be finished with the first volume of Story of the World (our history book) by now.

The doctor prescribed some eye drops for Danya and said that she would be very contagious for 24 hours, and then somewhat contagious after that. She also said there's a very good chance all the rest of us will get it. We all stayed home from the Western Night at AWANA Wednesday night, just in case. But the doctor said we could go trick or treating, so that's good. She also was pleasantly surprised when she asked Danya what she was going to be for Halloween. Danya said, "A scientist" and the doctor actually did a double take. I think she was expecting to hear "princess" or something along those lines.

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