Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ups and Downs

Today was a long day. Our caseworker came in the morning, and she got us set up to participate in the food bank for foster parents next week. So on Tuesday we'll be able to go to the fairgrounds to get a ton of food for less than $40.

She confirmed what we'd been told yesterday. That is that while we have a fost/adopt "legal risk" placement our county DSS will not let us foster other kids. We told her that we were misinformed and had thought this wouldn't affect us being able to foster. So until we legally adopt Latte next year sometime (hopefully) we won't get any other kids. She did say that she'd check to see if we could still do respite care occasionally.

Later Daniel took the kids to the park, we all made homemade pizza together, and we rented Ratatouille and snuggled on the couch to watch it. It's a really funny good family movie. Latte liked making the pizza together. She scooped the middle out of the french bread loaf, sprinkled the cheese on, and spread the pepperonis on top. Danya and Gloria took turns grating different kinds of cheese. Overall it was a good day. We even managed to call the kids in our AWANA group and get some homeschooling done. Latte likes the Leap Frog Letter Factory video.


christina said...

i have been wondering about that movie i will have to rent it for the kids and i.
is making homemade pizza fun.

christina said...

we thank you for showing us the leap frog, those are the best ever. Cantrell has done so well with those.

Jess said...

It is fun making the pizza on wheat french bread. Where you get the bread really makes a difference in the taste, though. We tried several different stores' bread before we settled on the bread they make at Kroeger's. One of these times I'd like to try making pizza dough, too.