Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The End of an Age

I finally said goodbye to my 20's. This weekend we made a giant chocolate chip cookie cake to celebrate. We forgot to get candles, though, and Grandma didn't have any, so we used a big scented candle instead. Daniel gave me some clear acrylic stamps I'd been wanting and we went out for a date Sunday night while the kids baked cookies with Grandma. In recognition of turning 30 here are 15 things I'm happy about and 15 things I'd like to change:

Good Stuff:
1. I've lost a lot of weight
2. I love being a homeschooling mom
3. We are not drowning in debt anymore
4. I will soon need to buy a whole new wardrobe of "skinny clothes"
5. I reached my goal of being done with "child bearing" before turning 30
6. We are finally living our original dream of fostering and adopting
7. I'm playing my trombone again!
8. Daniel and I are still madly in love
9. My children love God and each other
10. The older I get, the better wife/mother I become
11. My favorite authors keep publishing new books
12. We've found an excellent Sunday school class with great people in it
13. Our neighborhood and new home are a perfect fit for us
14. Our foster daughter seems like she has always been part of our family
15. I enjoy being involved in our church band and AWANA program

Could Be Improved: 1. I'm not yet at my goal weight, 2. I'm unhappy with my hair & teeth, 3. I wish I had a closer relationship with my family, 4. Our car seems to be slowly disintegrating, 5. My schedule has gotten out of whack lately, 6. I wish I had a really good friend living nearby, 7. There's never enough time to accomplish everything, 8. My hearing aide is broken, 9. I'd like a better trombone, 10. I need to develop patience, 11. Too often, I speak before I think, 12. Our families live too far away, 13. I miss Curly Top and The King, 14. Daniel and the kids are all sick, 15. I worry too much

Speaking of 30, wouldn't it be great to have... 30 minutes to yourself every day? 30 people who you know pray for you often?, 30 hours of holiday bonus pay?, 30 friends send you a Christmas card?, 30 pieces of calorie free chocolate?, 30 days notice before the next major emergency?, 30 unsolicited compliments in the next 30 days?, 30 seconds in the bathroom without kids knocking on the door?


Sarah said...

Happy late birthday. Hope it was great. :)

Chelsea said...

Happy 30th Birthday! Mine is coming up in January. I only slightly dread it...

So, I can't do anything to help with the 30 minutes of alone time or the holiday bonus pay but if you'd like I will pray for you and your family.

Oh, I worry too much too. I think it comes with being a mom and loving people.