Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Missing: One Tooth

Gloria lost her very first tooth on Thanksgiving day! She's so proud of that tooth. It means she's finally a big kid like her sister. It's one of those giant milestones signaling the coming of "teenager status" in the very near future... at least in the mind of a six year old.

Granny Jo, my mom, made Gloria's joy complete when she said that for your first lost tooth you are supposed to get $2 from every grownup. In the end she collected $6 before she even got a chance to hide her tooth under her pillow! Then my mom didn't want the other kids to feel left out so she made sure they each got a dollar, too.

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Sarah said...

Good for Gloria. I bet she was proud. Anna is going through the same thing. Ever time she meets someone who doesnt know that she has her first loose tooth she tells them.