Monday, September 03, 2007

Our Homeschool in a Nutshell

Just recently Homeschool Housewife said in the comments section of a previous post:
I would love to know your schedule and any tips.
So I went back through the archives of my posts listed on the right hand side of this blog to see where I had last discussed our schedule. Here's what I came up with:

Our Daily Schedule (except now Kevin is weaned)
Our Daily Homeschooling (what we do for school each day)
Record Keeping (for proof and memories of what they've learned)
Documenting Their Work (for things that we can't keep)

Let me know if it's helpful to have these links because I'm thinking of adding them to the sidebar of this blog for anyone who finds this blog in the future and doesn't want to wade through a couple of years worth of posts to find the answers. I'm also going to try to go back through the archives to compile a list of project ideas I've blogged about and posts about the homeschooling materials we use most often. That way if you remember reading about an idea a few months back and are finally ready to try it, you can just find the link in the sidebar.

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Homeschool Housewife said...

This is SO helpful to me. Thank you so much for posting it all together. Would it be crazy to ask for your small group PE ideas too? We are going to go to a homeschool PE group in our area twice a week, but I would love some more ideas for a daily activity. It is pretty hot here in Houston a lot of the time, and unfortunatly we use that excuse. But honestly as a public school graduate I know PE things like kickball and other team activities. I would love some ideas on how to get them moving. Loved your personal best post. Thanks again!!!