Saturday, September 22, 2007

Quiet During the Storm

This week has been so much harder than I expected it would be. My dad suffered from altitude sickness while he was here and was up all night trying to breathe. He left early on Wednesday and said that he was able to sleep when they stayed the night in Salina, KS.

We all came down with a stomach virus. Kevin got it first, projectile vomiting outside the restaurant we went to Tuesday night. Then Princess got it, then me, now Daniel. I've heard from my sister in Oklahoma that my dad and his wife, Willie, also have it. It seems to run its course in about 3 days, but it's miserable while you have it.

Daniel had to go back to work beginning on Wednesday night so I was sick and running back and forth between two sick babies and the bathroom all night long. The upside is that as of this morning I've lost more weight and officially reached 50 lbs weight loss! Right now we're gathering up the kids so that we can get some groceries and print pictures from the photo shoot I did of Princess the other morning. We're going to give them to her foster mom to hold for when she gets settled permanently.


Sarah said...

awww thats an adorable picture of her I cant wait tell tommorrow

I have a good life said...

Sorry that you've been sick. That is no fun. We've had a stomach bug as well as something else...flu-like. No fun and no sleep. Princess is such a doll!