Friday, September 07, 2007

14 months - but acting like a 2 year old

I've never had a 1 year old quite like Kevin. Danya was somewhat talkative. Gloria waited until she was about 2 1/2 before saying much. Kevin will probably be correcting my grammar before he's 2. Today he popped up with three new words and can make the sign for milk! It's like he pays attention to what we're saying to him, logs it in his memory banks along with the correct meaning, and then just begins using it immediately. It's wild!

Today he started telling me "sna" and pointed to the pantry closet, rejecting every offer until I realized that he wanted a fruit snack. I've been saying "milk" and making the sign (opening and shutting my hand like I'm squeezing a cow's udders) since he was born every time he would nurse or we'd give him a cup of milk. Today he just casually started making the sign perfectly and saying "mik" as if he'd been doing it his whole life. He also recently started saying, "tas" which means trash, as he throws away his own diaper. He'll actually get mad if we throw his diaper away for him. He even crawls up to us, pats his pants, and says "poop" when he needs to be changed.

Seriously, I have never experienced anything like this! Someone please tell me that other 14 month olds do this, too. It's like he's a 5 year old trapped in a baby body. Another funny thing happened today when I was sitting on the floor downstairs reading a Magic Treehouse book to the girls. Kevin crawled over to the bookcase, pulled out some of his books and started waving them at me hollering to let me know that he expected me to read him a book, too, lol. This kid is definitely going to be a challenge!

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Sarah said...

thats adorable. Who knows he might grow up to be a genius. lol. he is very smart. And homeschooling him should be easy because he understands things so quickly