Monday, September 24, 2007

Princess at Church

We got to show Princess off at church yesterday. Lots of people gave us a funny look at first and came over to ask if she was ours. Like I had somehow been pregnant and they just hadn't noticed, lol. She did really good and slept almost the whole time. We prayed for her future and her protection in our Sunday school class.

The girls and I matched with our red polka dot dresses (I know you'll appreciate the fun of that, Christina!). I was wearing mine to celebrate my 50 lbs weight loss. This was the dress I wore to my reunion. It fits better now, actually loose around the waist.

Last night Sarah and Shannon babysat the kids while Daniel and I went to the new members class at our pastor's house. They only have the class a few times a year, so we really didn't want to miss it. It was hard leaving Princess with our 15 year old babysitter, though. The class was good. We got to ask questions, read the church's statement of faith, speak to the pastor, and learn the church's history. We confirmed that if Gloria decides to accept Christ as her Lord and Savior within the next year, she'll be baptized in the church after she turns seven. It's the church's policy not to baptize anyone younger than seven. We learned a lot and even invited some people to our Sunday school class. Oh, and the kids were all just fine when we got home.

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