Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cut Short

Here's a picture of my new haircut. I actually like it this time! I didn't really expect the hair stylist to be able to do much. The last few times I've gotten my hair cut I've been pretty unhappy with it. I think this look is cute.

That was the good thing that happened today. The really upsetting thing came just afterwords. A very nice caseworker that's always been helpful and friendly called today about the baby we'll be watching next week. She is so great, she even asked around for me to find out if we got the group of 4 kids.

It turns out that our homestudy paperwork was never even submitted to the caseworker. It was not true that we were being considered as a potential family for them. I think I'd feel okay about it if I knew that we just weren't the best choice for the kids. It feels so unfair that we were given false hope for two weeks every time we called and that we might have been the best match for them, but now we'll never know. I just have to hope they'll be with a great family and trust that God has a different better plan for us.


Sarah said...

Im so sorry about the kids but I also believe god has a better plan your hair looks cute

April said...

I'm sure there is another plan and that things will work out for you.

Glenda said...

Your hair is cute. I am also disappointed to know that the paperwork wasn't submitted for you. I was praying that God would bless you with just the right kids. I will continue to pray. God works in mysterious ways. I am glad that you know now that the paperwork wasn't where it needed to be so it can be there next time.

Anonymous said...

Extra time to enjoy the family God's already given you.


Oh I like the hair cut. Favorite so far.