Friday, September 07, 2007


Wednesday was the first night of AWANAS for Danya and Gloria. They both had fun and had friends there. The folks in charge even put them in the same group which was really great since each of their best friends were put in different groups.

We're trying to hunt down Danya's book from last year that she didn't complete so that we don't have to buy another. Gloria has to start from scratch since the wacky church we were at briefly last year never gave us the book and we just gave up and left since the girls hated it there. I also thought we had Gloria's vest already, so I'm looking for that, too.

I was going to have them start some new memorization work this week, but with all the AWANAS verses to memorize plus the TruthQuest stuff for Sunday mornings, I think they've got plenty on their plates right now. I do love the fact that AWANAS teaches them so many verses. Growing up I hardly knew any bible stories, no verses, and probably couldn't tell you the name of an actual book of the bible. I could sing "The B-I-B-L-E" though, thanks to a few short weeks spent at one of those fire and brimstone Baptist churches that sent buses to round up kids on Sundays.

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