Saturday, September 08, 2007

Books and Building

Online last night I found a library that was having a homeschool used book sale this weekend. So this morning we drove out to the Longmont, CO library. It wasn't much of a "homeschooling" book sale. The majority of it was college textbooks, computer how-to books, and kids fiction.

I found a few good ones, though. I got some old time Christian devotional books for families, a few science books for kids, and a neat 4-H leaders guide and activity pages set. Everything was 1-2 dollars, so I didn't spend much, but it was still fun. Danya came with me, but spent her time in the children's section of the library.

Meanwhile, Daniel and the other two kiddos went to a nearby Lowe's for their kids' building project day. It was a repeat of the squirrel feeder project, but Gloria still enjoyed it. Even Kevin got in on the act by banging a little hammer. After they were done they came to the library to get us. The kids all enjoyed the little puppet theatre in the children's section. Kevin liked snatching the puppets off the girls' hands, and laughed hysterically when Gloria would pretend the alligator was eating his arm.

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