Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Book Blessing

Danya's Tuesday charter school for homeschoolers that she attended last year had a curriculum swap yesterday. It was almost entirely free books that the main charter school, Woodrow Wilson Academy, was giving away. They are getting newer additions of the Saxon math books.

Daniel and I have been talking about the Saxon 54 book (roughly 4th grade math) for a while now. We looked at it online and heard a lot of other homeschoolers say they use it. The problem is that the books are very expensive. We got the main textbook free yesterday along with the book for the next grade! Then the director of the program told us to come by the main school today and they'd give us some more free materials that go with it.

So the girls and I drove over there today and got the 1st through 4th grade workbooks and the Test Masters books that go with the 4th and 5th grade books. Yesterday we also got the spelling book and Highlights for Kids mathbooks free, too. What a blessing! Sometimes it feels like every single item we tell God that we need He provides: This house, our van, school books, homeschooling friends, the kitchen table. God is good!


April said...

We used Saxon for K and 1st grade and we are now using it for 2nd. We really enjoy it. I hope you guys do as well!!

It's so great that things are going so good for you!

Glenda said...

That is wonderful how God is suppling the needs for your family. It is exciting to see the different ways that God works. You are so faithful to trust and seek the open doors.