Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Moving Dirt

Daniel and the girls worked hard this morning beginning the process of landscaping our back yard. They had to level a dirt mound and move it to some areas that needed it. Daniel would stick the shovel in the hard dirt then jump into the air using his body weight to sink the spade into the ground. The new wheel barrow I gave him for our anniversary came in handy.

Danya used a smaller shovel to help and to flatten out the areas where the dirt was moved to. Gloria was the dirt packer. She walked and stomped on top of the newly spread dirt to pack it down. They all had fun until it got too hot to work. Kevin was the water boy. He brought them water and then yelled at them until they gave it back so he could drink some. Then he shook it and watched the mud form.

We're doing our homeschooling in the afternoon today instead of starting at 9am like we usually do. Daniel and the kids needed the cool part of the morning for the heavy labor they were doing.


Sarah said...

how cute. do you know anything about the kids yet?

Jess said...

They are making the decision next Tuesday. They are considering us and 3 other families for the group we are hoping for. We should know something (God willing) next week. They said they are still also considering us for other groups but we don't know who exactly.