Tuesday, September 11, 2007

An Unexpected Phone Call

The phone rang this morning at about 11a.m. and it was an Adams County social worker calling!! I about fell out of my chair I was so excited! It was the same woman who came to do the safety inspection of our home. So now it's good news/bad news time.

The bad news is that she didn't have any info on the decision about the group of kids, in fact she knew nothing about that. She did say the main "lady in charge", Renee, is supposed to be out on vacation for the rest of the week so we may have difficulty finding out what the decision was. Argh! Frustration!

The good news is that she was calling to ask if we'd accept a placement of a 2 month old baby girl for a week of "respite care" next week. That just means she'd stay with us for a week while her regular foster parents are unavailable. We said YES! We're excited to get an opportunity to be foster parents for a short amount of time so that we can see what it's like and figure out the process. Also, it will be fun to have a baby in the house when I'm not nursing or recovering from pregnancy/childbirth.

I just thought I'd give an update. I'll post as soon as I know something about the group of 4 siblings we're praying about.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so excited. That sounds like a fun oppurtunity.


christina said...

i happy for you , but i am a little jealous.

Glenda said...

That is neat. Little jealous too...