Monday, September 10, 2007

My Day Off

Ha! Daniel and I decided a couple of months ago that I should get one day a month "off" where I can do anything I want to and he'll take care of the kids and the house. So far it hasn't worked well.

The plan is that I'm supposed to have time to scrapbook, read, and work on any little projects that I enjoy but never have time for. Today was the first time I actually managed to get any scrapbooking done. Here's what I did today on my "day off":

*4 loads of laundry
*made tuna pita pockets for lunch
*picked up the basement
*homeschool with the girls
*dealt with the science book salesman who arrived with our order
*made plans with my bio dad for a visit next week
*baked M&M peanut butter cookies from scratch with kids
*made cards for September birthdays with the girls
*helped make homemade pizza for dinner
*wrote a grocery list and put them away when Daniel got home
*cleaned the kitchen...twice
*scrapbooked...with the girls
*cleaned Kevin's room

I sure love having a liesurely day to myself to relax and unwind. At least Daniel did take Kevin with him to get groceries. I even got to watch about 20 minutes of a movie... Oh well, there's always next month, right?

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Anonymous said...

It gets lonely to have a leisurely day by yourself and by the second day you're bored silly. Trust me.