Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wet and Wild!

The Slip and Slide was the star of the first half of our party this Wednesday. Of course, once the kids realized I was taking their pictures, they started getting more daring and hamming it up for the camera. So we have pictures of Bekah surfing, Meridian splashing down in her 'rock star' pose, and Gloria cracking her head when her feet went out from under her.

Me: Baby! Are you hurt?!
Glory: No, can't you see me laughing?

Way to shake it off, kiddo! They also played on the big jungle gym climber toy out in the backyard and ran in and out of the house. Some of them took showers before dinner was ready and I got quite a surprise when I went to bed last night. They had climbed onto my bed, covered in mud and wet grass, to strip out of their wet suits. Then they left the wet clothes on my bed. I decided not to mention it to them until the next day...for their sakes. Otherwise, it was a great party!

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