Thursday, June 07, 2007

Birthday Excitement!

Danya was so excited over her gifts at her family party last night! This is a picture of her opening her gift from Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Wayne. It's a Tinkerbell costume. Danya LOVES Tinkerbell. She ran so fast to hug her grandparents that I didn't get a chance to catch a picture.

What surprised me was when she opened a game of "Spill and Spell", held it over her head with a gigantic smile on her face and yelled, "YES!!" Can you tell this kid is homeschooled, lol? Good choice, Tanti Glenda!


christina said...

looks fun! wish we could have been there. hope likes tinkerbell also, i didnt know that about danya that is neat. im glad you posted i have checking daily , so i am very excited to see whats going on! have a good time.
tell everyone hello.

I have a good life said...

Your life seems to be flowing at a whirlwind pace...but a fun one! What a great family you have. By the way, I LOVE the picture of your girls in your header. It is so awesome!