Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fear Not

You can see a definite difference between how high I push Kevin and how high Daniel will push him on the swing. Being a mom, I have all these silly fears that he will somehow go too high and slide backwards out of the swing. I also worry that he'll get scared. I forget whose son he is.

Daniel is teaching Kevin to be fearless, like him. He pushes higher, spins faster, plays rougher, and makes life generally more exciting for Kevin. He will sling Kevin over his shoulders and carry him upside down while our son laughs hysterically. He'll toss him high into the air, completely confident in his ability to catch him. He'll even let Kevin crawl or walk on the ground in spots where I would cringe and worry that he'll scuff up his sweet little feet. In short, he's making a man out of him. Thank goodness for Dads.

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