Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Unexpected Blessing

Today I got a call from the mom of Danya's new best friend, Lauren. Apparently Vacation Bible School (VBS) started at our church last night and Lauren was extremely upset that Danya wasn't there. We explained that VBS gets out at the same time that Daniel leaves for work, so our girls can't go. Lauren's mom offered to take them home from VBS every night this week!

She also told us that VBS is free. That settled it! So we signed Gloria and Danya up tonight. They should be home any minute now. Daniel and I suddenly found ourselves with some unexpected time alone (well, us and Kevin) so we went to the Westminster Mall. It turns out they have removed the kids' play area they used to have. But another nice surprise was that when we walked in someone offered to pay me to take a five minute survey. So I did that and we used the money to buy an Orange Julius. They also gave us a free sample of a granola fruit yogurt snack that Kevin absolutely devoured.

I'm so thankful that Danya has made a friend finally. We've been praying for a friend her age from a Christian family. Lauren even lives somewhat near us! Danya is going to Lauren's "12 Dancing Princesses" birthday party this Saturday. Now we just need Gloria to find a friend.

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