Monday, June 18, 2007

CHEC Homeschool Convention 2007

We went to the Christian Home Educators of Colorado convention in Denver on Friday and Saturday. We were able to attend a couple of classes and spent more than we planned of course. The biggest irritaton was that we had to pay $69 to get in even if we didn't want to attend the classes. The one day price wasn't even cheaper. I think they should call it the convention for wealthy homeschoolers. I felt like the Oklahoma convention was much more reasonable and worth the money.

We got some awesome books and DVDs from the Answers in Genesis booth so we can teach the girls about dinosaurs this year from biblical authority and science instead of the atheistic view taught everywhere else. We are also trying out the Writing Strands level 3 book to help Danya improve her writing and make it more fun. For me, I got some books on organization and a meek and quiet spirit for homeschooling moms. Also, I found one for homeschool children with special needs so that I can plan ahead and be prepared for the children we plan to adopt. Here's a few of the books I'm reading now:

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