Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spelling and Geography

I had to add on to my earlier post about the 2007 national spelling bee champion. I read this tonight:

This marks the first year that homeschoolers took first place in both the national geography bee and the national spelling bee!

National Spelling Bee Winners
1997: A 13-year-old, Rebecca Sealfon of Brooklyn, New York, became the first homeschooler to win the National Spelling Bee sponsored by Scripps Howard. Out of 245 total contenders, 18 were homeschooled.

2000: George Abraham Thampy, as 12 year old homeschooled youth takes first place in the National Scripps Howard Spelling Bee. Homeschoolers also secured second and third place in this competition.

2001: Sean Conley, a homeschooled 12 year old from Minnesota wins the first prize spelling the word, "succedaneum."

2007: Homeschooled 13-year-old, Evan O'Dorney takes home first prize.

National Geography Bee Winners
1999: David Beihl of South Carolina became the first homeschooler to win the National Geography Bee at age 13.

2002: 10 year old homeschooler Calvin McCarter from Michigan became the youngest winner of the National Geographic Bee.

2003: 14 year old homeschoolers, James Williams from Vancouver, Washington also won the National Geographic Bee.

2005: The National Geographic Bee champion was homeschooler, Nathan Cornelius of Minnesota.

2007: This year's winner of the National Geographic Bee is 14-year-old Caitlin Snaring, 14, of Redmond, Washington. She is the second girl to win the contest in its 19-year run. Caitlin is a homeschooled 8th grader.

This information came from this website: Generations

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April said...

Wow, I can not believe a homeschooler won both the Spelling bee and the Geography bee. This is really great for us homeschoolers.