Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Swing High, Sweet Elliotts

We stopped by a little park today since it was such nice weather. Daniel and the girls really liked this strange toy that rocked from side to side. Our girls have some seriously strong muscles. I could never do this! Danya has been trying to teach Gloria to swing on the monkey bars, but Gloria is still struggling with letting go and trusting all her weight to one arm so that she can grab the next bar.

This rocking monkey bars was perfect because all she had to do was hang on and swing her feet. Daniel showed them how to do it. Seeing him on the playground always makes me laugh. The first time I was ever introduced to him was at a park when I was 14. He and his best friend, Steven acted like monkeys, playing childishly on anything they could climb. He even took me to a playground to hang out after my senior prom. Things don't change much.

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