Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tennis Champs in Training

We've been giving the girls tennis lessons this week and they love it! They're getting better at returning the ball, although Danya still tends to duck when it comes at her. They are both just so excited to play. They ask every day if we're going to play again.

They are also learning a lot just by watching Daniel and I play together. They are learning how to keep score and how to know who's winning by the way we call out the score. (The first number we call out is the score of the person whose turn it is to serve.) Gloria really likes running to "shag" the ball for us, which saves Daniel and I a lot of time. We only have two balls because we misplaced the others and can't afford to buy new ones right now. Thank goodness payday is in two more days, lol.

Both girls are interested in Venus and Serena Williams (homeschooled tennis stars). We told them that the reason those girls are so good is because they had each other to play against while they were growing up. We've told them that once they master the basics they can play against each other every day. With a tennis court in their front yard they could become the next famous tennis sisters!

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