Monday, June 18, 2007

Best Dad Ever!

Father's Day didn't go exactly as we would have liked. For one thing, Daniel hurt his back somehow and could barely sit, bend, or move for most of the weekend. Walking was about all he could manage.

Sunday morning we had a series of accidents. Danya was helping Kevin after his bath. She picked him up to go put on his diaper and Gloria accidentally tripped Danya while trying to help. Danya protected Kevin in the fall but hurt her own back.

I jumped out of the tub to scoop up Kevin and went into my room where, trying to open the curtains, the rod broke and fell on my head and Kevin's. So I set Kevin on the bed to get dressed while Gloria played with him. He smashed Gloria in the face with his pacifier and cut her lip. So now all three kids are crying. I get dressed, pick up Kevin who is still naked from his bath, and discover that he peed on my bed, managing to douse my comforter, sheets, and matress in a big circle.

We gave Daniel his Father's Day gift, a t-shirt that says "Dad - a Son's first Hero, a Daughter's first Love" then we went to church, late, with Daniel and Danya hobbling because their backs hurt. It was quite a day. We did force Daniel to take it easy. He wasn't allowed to pick up any of the kids or drive all day so that his back could get better. It's still hurting him today, though.

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christina said...

has everyone recovered from sunday?
i hope so.