Friday, June 01, 2007

Ice Cream and Swim Suits

Today was a full day. It's pay day and we had to pick up some things for our upcoming trip home to Oklahoma. We're heading out on Sunday (and for any bad guys reading this blog, don't get any ideas because my neighbor Marge is going to be guarding our house like a hawk! lol) and we'll be back in about a week.

Everybody but me got new swimsuits today. I finally fit in one of my older swim suits, so I don't need a new one. We had to shop for Daniel's in the teenager section because they don't sell men's swim suits smaller than a size 30 waist. We also got him some shorts. Can you believe he fits in a boy's size 14?! Daniel thinks it's hilarious. He actually said, "Hey in a few years Kevin and I will be shopping in the same section!"

We also bought a ton of hamburger to freeze and bring to Oklahoma. We got it very cheap at Sam's Club. We're heading to the tiny town of Ripley, Oklahoma where the biggest local store is Walmart and it's a 30 minute drive to get there. We're going to have a big birthday party and cook out on Wednesday. We'll celebrate Danya turning 7, Kevin turning 1, and my aunt Kathy turning... um...29 again. We'll also be attending my high school reunion a week from tomorrow. I can't wait to post pictures of me in the dress I bought for the reunion dinner that night!

Oh, and this picture is from this afternoon when the girls, Kevin, and I walked a mile to McDonald's to return our videos at the Red Box. We had "How to Eat Fried Worms" which was a waste of a dollar to rent, and "The Nativity Story" which was actually pretty good.

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