Wednesday, June 13, 2007

P-T Class of 96!

My highschool reunion dinner was interesting. Friends who hadn't come to the picnic showed up for the dinner and everyone looked really good. I felt self conscious since I almost never wear dresses, but Daniel assured me that I looked fine. It seemed like half the women there were wearing polka dots, lol.

All the people I had most hoped would come were there, all my closest friends from high school. We had dinner, took pictures, and watched a video of old photos. My friend, Jenifer, even sent in a picture of Daniel and I from our senior prom! Mostly we just reconnected with each other and it felt almost like no time at all had passed. It felt like we could have been having lunch in the commons area at our high school. Like the past 11 years hadn't even gone by.


christina said...

polka dots are the best!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that Ashley on the far right of the picture? I used to work with her in the lab at SMC.


Jess said...

yup, that's Ashley!