Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reunion Picnic

At the reunion picnic I got to see old friends again and meet their families. Some of them looked exactly the same... and others had shaved their heads or grown beards. It was a little strange. Their kids were absolutely adorable!

My friend, Jenifer had a daughter who was like a little minature version of her except for hair color. She was trying to be surly and the usual pre-teen, but I thought she was funny and smart. I guess I liked in her all the same things I always liked in her mom. The prettiest little girl at the picnic had to be my friend, Crystal's daughter, Bella. She is just a tiny angel with a great big bow in her hair.

I also got to see my former band director, Mr. Taylor, and his wife. They were the only teachers that came (and honestly the only ones I was really hoping to see). And guess what? He said he read my blog! Crystal said she read it, too! I love hearing that people are reading about our family. It just encourages me to keep on blogging!

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