Thursday, June 28, 2007


It's official. I take too many photos of my kids. I know that by the time they are 5 or so they start to do the "cheese" face every time you try to take their picture, but this is ridiculous. Kevin won't be a year old for another nine days!

Today he was throwing a temper tantrum on the floor while we were making muffins. Since I was taking Danya's picture, I thought I'd get a photo of his "mad face". But every time I'd call his name to get him to look up he'd stop crying and smile a big cheesey grin at me. After the camera would flash he'd lay his head back down and continue his fit. If he's doing this already, what will he be doing in a few years? I'm afraid it will be the constant, silly, tongue out crazy face in every picture. I guess we'll see.


Glenda said...

Liiana sometimes 'Cheeses' real big for every picture. The other kids too somedays. Other days we get regular pictures. I sometimes wonder how to get around the 'cheesy grin.'

Anonymous said...

You need to video clip that. That's funny.