Friday, June 29, 2007

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Or maybe it's "Deprivation is the Mother of Improvisation"? The girls really wanted some cookies, but cookie mix is not in our new food budget. Gloria said, "Can't we make some anyways?" So I hunted through our various cookbooks and found a simple recipe for peanut butter cookies in a kids' cookbook.

So here's Danya enjoying the rare event of making cookies from scratch. "From scratch" is not normally heard in our kitchen. Right in the middle of mixing the ingredients together a salesman showed up at our door. So I invited him in while we finished baking. He sold us some great kids' science books written at Danya and Gloria's reading level. They just happened to be about the topics the girls are covering this year, so he had an easy sale. I'm glad we included a "homeschool" fund in our budget plan!

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christina said...

homemade is so fun and not costly. i am working on making alot from scratch. looks good.
im amazed how much our lifes are alike. food, school, i hope to do fly lady one day soon right now i am concetraitng on food which will make cleaning a priority , becasue the kitchen has to be clean to cook.i will pray you can contunue on your daily routine.