Thursday, June 07, 2007

Frontier City Friends!

What started as an idea to go to Frontier City just me and Danya for her birthday, morphed into a homeschool adventure. Well, we signed up for the group discount under our homeschool name, "Choice Elementary". My bestest buddy, Glenda, and her 3 kids (pictured here: Qorban, Caleb, and Liliana, along with my girls and their cousin, Jason) came and brought Glenda's sister-in-law, Jessica, and her two girls, plus Jessica's friend and his 3 kids. We were quite a group! The nice part was that we got in for $15 a piece and Daniel and I didn't have to pay for parking because we were driving a passenger van!

The boys' favorite part was the ball pit. Gloria loved the "Wild Kitty" kid roller coaster. Danya loved getting soaked on the "Renegade Rapids" ride. Me? I just loved being there with my friends and family. Quick bit of personal trivia: My family only ever took one vacation in my entire childhood...and it was to Frontier City.

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