Friday, June 01, 2007

Kevin's Swing

When Danya was little we bought a tiny swingset with a swing that was suspended from metal bars instead of a chain or rope. It didn't really swing well at all. It also had a ladder, but that broke within the first week. Since then I've wished we had our own baby swing, but we never got one for Gloria. Finally, Kevin is the first one to get a real baby swing... except the kind we got was designed for a swingset, not a tree.

So Daniel spent some time this afternoon attempting to make it work on one of our tree branches in the front yard. We tried four different branches and three different trees before we settled on this pine tree next to the house. Kevin loves it! He was singing his repetitive little song "ah ah ah ahhhh!" and kicking his feet. He would laugh when we grabbed his toes.

I told Danya that when she was one and a half she used to call the swings "whee". She would see the swings at the park and point and say, "Whee? Whee? Wheee!" until we put her in them. For Kevin if we ask him, "Kevin, do you want to swing-swing?" he'll go nuts! He'll start breathing fast, babbling, and straining towards the swing. It's his absolute favorite thing to do other than eat, lol.

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