Monday, June 25, 2007

Tennis, Anyone?

Wow! Today was such a scorcher! It reached 100 degrees by noon and it's still 91 outside at eleven o'clock at night! Despite the heat, though, we played outside almost all day. Daniel bought the girls and I new tennis rackets today. They got one to share since they are just learning how to hit the ball and won't be playing together for quite a while. I keep telling Danya that it is a tennis racket, not a fly swatter, but she still doesn't really understand why she needs to hold it a certain way.

Daniel and I got to play three different times today! By the third time we were both tired and our arms were sore, so we weren't as good, but it was still fun. We even met a man and his son who came onto the court while we were playing the third time. We had our old rackets with us, too, so we let Gloria and Leo (the boy) play on the other court. They were both 5 years old, so it was fun to watch them. Kevin loves to watch everyone run around hitting the ball. He didn't know which way to look with people playing on both sides of him. I suggested that Leo's dad toss the ball for the kids to hit, since they weren't having much luck hitting it to each other. They really liked that. Both of them managed to start hitting it over the net after a little while.

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