Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Definition of a Friend

A good friend will remember to call you occasionally. A great friend will drive an hour and a half to a tiny town in the middle of no where to spend a couple of hours with you and then drive another hour and a half back home.

The Millers are great friends. They came to see us at Daniel's parents' house on Sunday after church. They said the strangest part of the long drive was the two places along the way where there is a lone stop sign with nothing else around and no warning that it's coming.

The girls had a great time. We handed them a camera and they ran off to take all kinds of silly pictures together. I miss my friend Betsy terribly. I keep hoping I'll find someone like her here in Colorado. (She's originally from Colorado so I know they make them here, lol) Her daughters are all growing up so fast! Visiting with the Millers made me the most home sick I'd been all week.

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