Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cousin Crazy!

After Danya's party the Maxwell cousins stayed the night and the kids got to play together on Thursday. We all loaded up in the van and went to our friend, Glenda's, house to play and have lunch. We had another cookout with the extra hamburger patties left over from the party and let the kids play outside on all Glenda's toys. Unfortunately, Glenda hadn't gotten her pool water balanced right yet, so we didn't get to swim.

All together we had 3 Elliott kids, 6 Maxwells, 3 of Glenda's kids, and 2 Aldridge's and that's not even including the adults! And all the kids are age 10 and under! It was a bit chaotic, but fun. Rhema also got to stay the rest of the week with us at Grandma Nancy's house, so our kids had someone to play with the whole time!

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