Thursday, October 26, 2006

Timely Gifts!

Thanks, Aunt Jennie! The package from you arrived in the mail today, and it was great timing! We had a heavy snowfall today and I was just worrying that Kevin didn't have anything warm to wear in his size. I wanted something that didn't have a zipper, so the metal wouldn't be cold against his skin. This outfit was perfect!

The girls also loved their gifts! Gloria couldn't be pried out of the camo jacket and she and Danya took turns wearing the hat all afternoon. Danya also drove us crazy reading the joke book you bought her out loud to us. For instance: "How do you make an elephant float? Get some icecream, pour some soda on it, and then add a little bit of elephant." How did you know she LOVES to tell jokes? I think it was terribly cruel of you, however to mark Daniel's and my gifts "do not open until your birthday". That's a month away for me and two weeks for him! The torture! Oh, the cruelty!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, it was revenge for the Puerto Rico Joke. Glad they liked them. JS